Let’s Talk about Coding

To know more about computer programming and be more active, you should know more about coding. Coding is the language used by computers to understand our commands. So, it translates one language to another. Why is it important to learn to code? What techniques of coding do we have?

What is coding?

Coding means writing where we transfer symbols or blocks into a language to understand. Coding facilitates things for users to access with websites.

Not forget that all devices such as laptops, phones, and desktops rely on coding. For example, the computer understands the code of traffic signals where each colour resembles a function and programs them to do the operation successfully. For example, those who want to compete coding can join Google Coding Jam. It is a competition that shows the skills of competitors. Competitors work on a series of online algorithmic puzzles to pass levels and win the championship. Of course, in this competition, they use languages such as Python, Java, and others.

Linear Block Coding:

The code words in a linear block code are blocks of symbols than the original value to be sent. It detects errors and corrects them. This type of coding divides the complete message into blocks and then combines the blocks with extra digits without losing any bit during the transfer. Don’t forget that code is called linear because it is a combination of 2 codes together to produce another code.

Appian Coding:

Appian coding is the unified platform for change that combines the capabilities needed to get work done faster. It helps you integrate all your people, technologies, data, and systems into a single workflow to increase business results. Appian coding is a platform on the App Store that empowers business users to monitor and enable your mobile workforce to stay connected to a business.

Appian low code application platform

Appian low code application platform (source: Appian)

360 Coding:

It is about software on mobile applications. It saves time for clients to know details and references about anything they want. Also, it facilitates tasks in your business and to compete in the market. Don’t forget that it cares for innovation and provides solutions in the marketplace.

Netsuite Coding Language:

What language does Netsuite use? Netsuite uses a programing language Known as Java which paves the way to work on different projects. It provides flexibility where things can be with a button push or automated. The Netsuite software depends on database software that uses the language of Java. Also, it helps students to learn accounting and management.

Coding for SEO:

Search engine optimization coding means that you create your own website. You can implement it in your projects while writing clear codes helps you to search engines. Coding improves the sites’ SEO to remember the following benefits: validate your code, use coding to create URL rewrites, and clean your code.

Google Coding Courses:

It is an online coding course that helps users in their business. Online courses are there for employers to help them check any single detail about any issue for free. Also, beginners can complete lessons and acquire knowledge to pass quizzes and puzzles.

Another example of online course is Coding Crash Course. Coding Crash Courses are educational courses or learning programs managed in a short period. We say these courses “crash” because we learn them quickly. These courses may be television, movies, and video games. For example, kids can learn a crash course in 10 minutes on YouTube identifying important details and concepts.


Finally, Coding is the language of technology used to run the simplest devices used in today’s world. It helps you understand the website and stand out confidently for your business.