How To Maximize iPhone battery performance

iPhone are definitely the most popular cellphones out on the market at the moment. They have so many features that their competitors simply can’t achieve. Their cameras are probably their best feature, but their batteries and their lifespans are some of the best out there.

When we say ‘battery life’ we mean the time it takes for the battery to run empty and for the phone to turn off if you don’t recharge it. When we say ‘battery lifespan’ we mean how long the batter can last for before it needs to be replaced.

iPhone batteries are known for being good with a good life and lifespan, but if you don’t take care of them, their lifespan might be cut short.

There are so many videos and tips out there on how to take care of or revive an iPhone battery.

iPhone battery performance tests are extremely popular on the internet for people looking to see just how good these batteries are.

How to keep your battery healthy for as long as possible:

To keep your battery from becoming so bad that it needs to be replaced, you need to take care of it. Taking care of your battery since day one can help prevent a lot of future problems like the battery not charging, and the battery getting puffed up and even possibly exploding.

Apple used to offer a $29 battery replacement service back in the day which is long gone now. They now offer a $70 battery that users can install themselves.

But if, however, you are not able to pay or don’t really want to dish out on a new battery or a new phone even, here are some tips to try out.

1- Make sure you’ve updated your phone to the latest software:

Always make sure to update your phone to the latest software releases by apple to ensure maximum performance.

Keeping your system updated will ensure that you’re getting all the new services and the new features that might be released.

2- Control your settings:

No matter what time of day it is or what you’re doing with your phone, always make sure that your screen brightness is not turned up to the maximum.

Make sure to dim down your screen brightness as much as possible while still being comfortable.

This will ensure longer battery life on the daily.

Not only that, but it will also help your eyes a lot.

3-Enable power saving mode:

Enabling power saving mode is the easiest way to extend battery life of your iPhone when it starts to run out. Your iPhone notifies your when your battery percentage goes down to 20%, and it does it again at 10%, and allows you turn on Low Power Mode with a single tap. You can also enable it by going to the settings > Battery. Low Power Mode will reduce display brightness, optimize your device’s performance, and minimize the system animations. Different Apps such as Mail will not download anymore content in the background, and features such as Airdrop, Continuity and iCloud sync will all be disabled. You will still be able to use your main functions such as making and receiving calls, emails and messages, and accessing your internet. And when your phone is fully charged up again, the Low Power Mode will automatically switch off on its own again.

4-Don’t overcharge your phone:

Don’t leave your phone to charge overnight. Ever. This can ruin your battery way faster than you think. Contrary to popular belief, your phone doesn’t need to be charged to the 100% max. Although your phone battery is equipped to stop charging when it’s fully charged, the phone will not stay at 100% all night your phone is always constantly doing something in the background, meaning 1 to 2% will run out eventually and if the phone is charging all night, it’ll recharge, then stop charging when it’s full again and that will just keep happening all night long, which, if done daily, will definitely lead to the battery’s death.

5- Remove phone case while charging:

Depending on the style of case you may have, some phone cases will cause your phone to over heat while charging.

The extra generated heat caused by the phone not being able to release heat because of the case, will cause the phone to overheat so much that it might mess with the battery’s capacity.

Make sure to remove phone case before charging.