Top 5 antivirus apps in the world

Viruses and malware are a consistent threat faced by every person on the Internet on daily basis. From hackers trying to access people’s information to marketers trying to sell data and information two big companies, Internet safety has become a very important thing to maintain. Fortunately, the same Internet come on offers a variety of antivirus applications and programs designed specifically to deal with it. From Norton antivirus to Kaspersky, the Internet is littered with antivirus apps and programs designed to be the most effective cyber security solutions out there.

1-Norton antivirus

 Norton antivirus is a high accuracy antivirus with online backup options and capabilities. It is one of the most famous and highly ranked antivirus applications on the Internet. It detects viruses and treats them without raising false alarms, saving you a lot of time, stress, and worry over your Internet safety. It also protects usernames and passwords and keeps them safe. It allows users to manage their devices using an online portal. It’s also preventing hackers from entering your systems and helps you prevent and recover some online identity theft.



 2-kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus is an extremely effective antivirus solution that covers all of your security needs, all in one app. It can be used on windows, apple come on iOS, and Android. It’s offering cloud security and a robust server security scanner that scans and detects any malware in your system. It fixes any damage Caused to your system by viruses. It’s offers great protection four children and prevents them from viewing harmful online content. It keeps your system clean from any potential viruses and protects your data from accidental loss, theft, or damage.

3-Panda antivirus

 panda antivirus is a powerful security solution that protects your system from lots of online and offline dangers. It is one of the only solutions out there that help prevent infections brought on by an infected USB Drive. It also spots dangers fairly quickly and works to eliminate them. It is the best choice for people who use public wi-fi very often, As it is capable of identifying potential security threats and will strongly encrypt your private files. It also allows users to store important documents in the cloud.



Bitdefender is rated number one best antivirus software as of 2022. It offers excellent virus protection and comes with a very long list of very great features. It’s offers special safety features that allow users to chat safely on popular social media networks and it allows users to surf the web anonymously and safely. It is also very popular because it helps extend battery life on your laptops, PC’s, and tablets. Not only does it protect your phone from online thieves but it also protects it from actual physical thievery.



 5- McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus is a very accurate security solution for mobile devices, computers, and PC’s. It can be used on windows, apple, iOS, and Android. The best thing about it is that using one subscription you can protect an unlimited number of devices all at once. It also has a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t remove all malware. It creates a special encrypted folder for your documents to be stored in and allows you to fix any security issues you might face remotely. It will show almost 0 false positives and is 100% accurate every time. Not only that, but it is very good for people who struggle with scam attempts as it guarantees to stop them in their tracks.