TensorFlow- Machine learning platform

Machine Learning is the development of specific systems that have the ability to adapt and ‘learn’ without the need to follow specific instructions. This is done through the use of algorithms and special statistical models that are made to analyze data patterns. This gives the machine the ability to almost mimic an intelligent human being. It is, in short, a form of Artificial Intelligence. TensorFlow, is the ultimate free, open-source machine learning platform. Using this platform, you are able to create special machine- learning models for your web, desktop, cloud or even your mobile.

What does TensorFlow offer?

TensorFlow offers users a free platform with a wide software Library designed to help them create special machine-learning models for their webs, desktops or even their mobile phones.

This open-source platform offers multiple tools that allow users to create, strengthen, clean and even preprocess data at different scales such as:

-Standard datasets:

These are typically made mostly for learning and training purposes so that users can see what they’re getting into and learn more about how it’s done and what is important.

This step offers users the ability to make sure that they are making the best choice when creating a machine-leaning model.

It is also a step taken to check the validity and legitimacy of the platform.


-Highly Adaptable data pipelines:

Which is a special set of tools that are typically used to automate and facilitate the constant movement of data between the original source and the target receiver.

This constant flow of data is facilitated through a set of special tools designed to make this easier for developers and users alike.

-Kera’s Pre-processing Layers:

This option allows users to build keras-specific input processing pipelines. These special input processing pipelines can possibly be either used as independent processing codes in non-Keras-specific workflows or it can be combined with other Keras models.

-It also offers tools for the transformation and validation of really large datasets. Which means these tools can be used to confirm, validate and transform large datasets.


TensorFlow is possibly the best free machine-learning development platform. It offers many extremely useful tools that allow developers the chance to develop and create the ultimate machine-learning models for all kinds of technology machines like desktops, mobiles, websites, cloud, etc.