Smartphones Change the Way we do Business

With every year that goes by, businesses need to change and adapt their approach in order to accommodate and keep up with the ever-changing modern technology and all of its elements; televisions are slowly fading away and leaving the spotlight and social media and all that comes with it are on the rapid rise. The approaches we have towards productivity have changed drastically. This can be considered a result of the rapidly rising popularity of smart phones, tablets and other wireless device which have taken the world by a storm!

The wireless, small, smart devices that can fit in your purse, backpack, luggage or even in your pocket, have become extremely popular over the past two decades. The fact that you can charge them almost anywhere and they will last for hours allowing you to access your business accounts, your financial transactions, and even allow you to take pictures on the go, are the reasons for their popularity.

Before smartphones, you needed to have a separate device for each of these tasks to be completed. If you wanted to take pictures, you would’ve needed a camera and a computer to upload the pictures. If you wanted to listen to music, you would’ve needed a cassette player and cassette tapes, if you wanted to access the internet to look something up or find a picture of some cats to show to your friends, you would’ve needed a computer equipped with internet.

Cellphones have completely changed our world and have made everything all the more accessible. You can now do business even when you’re far from home, you can play music and take pictures and access the internet all through this small electric device all at a click of a button.

They have changed our world in so many different ways, they gave us quick access to the news, and made it easier for us to stay safe and in contact with family and friends. Before cellphones, if you were in danger and needed to call the police or authorities, you would’ve needed to either be at home, close to your landline, be able to access a payphone or even knock-on doors and ask to use people’s landlines. Now however, you can share your location with family and friends and call the police with one single click. This change has saved many lives since it took place.

To access the internet on a smartphone, you’ll need a plan. These plans can be extremely expensive and might not even be useful for businesspeople. Using something like verizon business 2 Business plans that are specifically designed for businesspeople is recommended.


So, what are the 8 most popular ways smartphones helped change the way we do Business?


1-Email and quick Responses:


Ever since their creation, emails have done so much to change the way we think of and do business. They have helped us better our communication with clients, bosses and fellow employees, and in turn, smart phones have done just as much to change how we think of and view emails.

While it was once customary to let emails pile up almost all the time and then respond to them in batches. But with smartphones, checking your messages constantly has become somewhat an expectation for serious people in the business industry. And with this expectation, the previously expected response time for urgent emails has gone down from 1 to 3 business days to approximately 2 to 12 hours.

This change has made it easier for customers to contact employees in customer service for any business they are dealing with in case they have any questions or complaints. This is especially helpful for new businesses trying to figure out what they need to change in order to grow and thrive in this ever-growing industry.

It also made it easier for employees to get in touch with their employer or higher ups. This in turn also greatly boosted the work field since now business meetings don’t have to take place every time an employee makes a mistake. An email could be sent out to all the employees in the department warning them and opening their eyes as to avoid such mistakes from being made again.

2- Social media management

Social networks and social media pages have become extremely important assets for any and all businesses and business types. Although social media addiction which has become very prevalent amongst teens and young adults isn’t a good thing when speaking in general terms, it is extremely helpful to businesses.  The constant attention and browsing these individuals due to their smart phones and their social media apps, has become the absolute best source of word-of-mouth popularity and traffic.

When people find something, they like, they but it. Be it a service or a product, they purchase it. They then go to their social media platforms and tell their followers, friends and family members who might be interested in these services or products about them. This, coupled with the trust factor people put in their favorite content creators and their friends and family, creates great traffic for online businesses. Word-of-mouth has always been the best form of advertisement, but back before smartphones, word was only able to reach so many people before it is forgotten. But now, with the prevalence of social media, nothing gets lost or forgotten and great businesses become trendy and popular.






3-Affordable Application Alternatives


A normal suite of productivity software for any computer will cost you up to $50 for each license. However, with smart phone applications, the quality can be almost exactly the same but at a fraction of these prices. These prices fall approximately in the $3 to $10 range. In addition to that, many companies nowadays carry free and “light” versions of their apps that can be supported easily by smart phones.


There are lots of mobile apps now available for all kinds of platforms. This is a result of the constant evolution of smart phones.

These alternatives are great for new and small upcoming businesses who are not able to or don’t have the budget for very expensive web applications and licenses but still want to be professional and grow their business well.

4-Easier Travel Opportunities


Going on business trips has become so much easier. Not only will you be able to find lots of plane tickets and options online and also apps that show you low hotel prices and easy bookings all at a moment’s notice, but you will also be able to find your way around the area you’re traveling to way easier that before all thanks to maps apps and GPS navigation apps and utilities.

You will also be able to stay in touch with your employees and clients even when on vacations and business trips. They are able to share vital information and business news with you even when you are across the country or even across the glob!

You can even schedule posts to go out on specific times, reply to emails on the go, make plans with business partners and associates and even manage your time remotely. This is great for everybody but it’s extremely helpful for businesspeople. Staying organized is definitely the key to success in the business world.

5-Mobile Advertising


Smartphone ads pay for a huge chunk of many app developers’ work and time. The reason for that is of course, the fact that businesses have realized that utilizing these frequently seen and clicked ads will help their business and traffic tremendously. These ads can be extremely lucrative to the business if they are appropriately targeted and properly placed.

Using ad services like those offered by Waze Business can be extremely helpful to businesses of all sizes. Waze Business is a navigation system meant for businesses. The make most of their money by advertising and putting ads on maps. They are one of the world’s most popular navigation systems. Advertisers pay a small fee for each impression to get their ads on the map for people to see them. This generates great traffic to small and large businesses alike.

Ads also keep evolving and changing! A lot of business opts for using the services of content creators on the internet in order to advertise their products or services. This can be done in a couple of different ways. Creators can be contacted and paid a sum of money upfront to advertise a product or a service, or they can be sent free products or offered free services and given promo codes that they can advertise to and share with their followers. They can also be paid on commission. Like if they promote something and a client uses this thing either through their links or codes, they get paid. These exchanges of finances can be either paid through bank or through the popular PayPal application.


6-Increased Telecommuting Opportunities


If twenty years ago you told people that they’d be working entirely from home for an overseas employer they would have called you crazy or laughed in your face. That idea started developing a while ago but was extremely rare and was only seen as a last resort. However now, with the crazy popularity that modern technology has developed, that has become the norm for many individuals and companies.

Companies nowadays much prefer remote work over office work. It’s a great money saving trick for them since they don’t have to rent out large office spaces, buy expensive laptops and computers and have in-office employees.

 Employers also prefer this way of working because when employees feel happier and more comfortable while they do their job, it turns out much better and they do better. This is because a lot of offices have toxic work environments which can affect employees and their performance greatly, but when these employees don’t have to directly interact with the source of toxicity and stress, they feel much more comfortable and they work harder.


7-Lowered Technology Costs


A lot of small business owners nowadays rely on the cheap or affordable phones, tablets and laptops to run their business. Before smartphones, people needed to have computers, and printers and cameras and what have you just to run a small at home business. But now, small business owners can run their entire business using their little smart phone. Smart phones are much more affordable and easier to buy than big business equipment and they can do virtually the same exact things. From making and publishing ads, to taking pictures of their products, to contacting clients and employees, these can all be done on a smart phone.  You can basically control your entire business using your smartphone.

You can easily give access to employees to important things they need to do at the click of a button. It is extremely easy to contact your clients as well. You can send a mass email to all your subscribed clients in less than five minutes with all the new updates you may have. You can also share with them your new prices or services you may be offering and let then know when you can and can’t take business and also reply to all of their complaints and concerns and answer their questions.

8- Dead Time


Businesspeople and owners can now continue to work and be as productive as can be regardless of their current location. This is extremely helpful for businesspeople who go on lots of business trips very often or take long car or bus rides from one place to another. No time can be wasted when you are trying to grow your business in this vastly expanding industry. It is important to utilize every little bit of time you have in order to better your business and change whatever might be hindering it from exploding in popularity and growing bigger and better

 A bus or a car ride should be used as your time to catch up on missed emails and also reading up on how to grow your business even bigger and stronger. Your business trips can no longer create big downtime in production and productivity. You can also now easily tend to any kinds of emergencies that might creep up on you.

Managing your time efficiently is your key to succeed in the business world. With this crazy surge of energy young people have and their dreams and ambitions of becoming business owners and the number of new businesses being created every single day, it is important to try your best to stay on top. That can be achieved with utilizing your time to be productive even in your free time.

With popularity of smart phones, it became much easier to do that.


It can be very hard to adapt to the new world that is being created by cell phones. It can all be a little overwhelming and it may even feel challenging to most people, especially older businesspeople and business owners. This new world might be a bit hard to navigate for a lot of us but we can not deny how easy it made our lives and how easy it made creating and running your own business.

Yes, it can be challenging but it is extremely helpful too for business owners and consumers alike.

 This great whirring-fast, extremely intelligent modern technology will help save your time, your efforts, and your money all while introducing you and your business to impressive arrays of new opportunities and brighter future!