Creating and uploading YouTube shorts tips

Engaging the audience on social media is advancing due to the creative apps and platforms that you can see up-to-date—bringing Shorts to our Community transformed how people used to create or film their videos. Most people like to have Short videos to see how many views they can get and what comments they can have. Shorts become available on most platforms to connect with new audiences through music added to a short video telling the experience of the video’s creator. With a few steps, people can share their best moments with millions worldwide if their videos go viral. So, having your film act as the movie’s main character for 60 minutes is enough to have new feelings you didn’t experience before. YouTube Shorts allow individuals to access the app quickly and go through this journey with excitement and innovation. Remember having a video for the 60s makes you think with creativity in its few seconds to captivate viewers, or they will keep scrolling.

What’s a YouTube short ?

The initial release date of YouTube Shorts in on September 2020, and it launched on July 13, 2021. The developer or original author is YouTube, where the URL is Also, its headquarters is at 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, United States. So, it is about short-form parts from the video-sharing website YouTube. It hosts video content similar to YouTube but focuses on vertical and square videos. The maximum length of the video is 60 seconds. Since YouTube published the platform, there have been over 5 trillion views. YouTube’s idea about having Shorts came from the competition with Tick Tock. So, YouTube starts with 30 seconds videos until they become globally popular. Later, YouTube announced a plan to allow Shorts on its Smart TV app. After that, YouTube posted the top videos and creators of the year, and Shorts started to have its section of the post. Also, it allows users to add licensed music and scroll through endless queues of videos. Also, it doesn’t include ads or other monetization features for creators. So, you can find Shorts on the YouTube homepage and the Shorts shelf, through YouTube search, in user subscription feeds, on channel pages by default, and by selecting the” What to Watch Next” module.

Moreover, it has the feature of editing and interacting with viewers by responding to comments with different videos. So, you can connect with the new audience using either a smartphone or the Shorts camera in the YouTube app. Its tools make it easy for users to create their short videos. If your Shorts use music from the YouTube catalog, you have to limit your Shorts to 15 seconds.

How can you create and download YouTube shorts?

One of the online downloaders of YouTube Shorts is “shorts. Save Tube. Me.” The link is free and secure to use and has a tool mp4 converter that you can use on your Android, iPhone, and laptop. Another way to download it is to open YouTube Shorts and click the share button to copy the link. Then, paste the link into the website, and the search button will show you different formats to download. Another online downloader is which provides fast and secure downloading with the HD video quality. You can use this website with mac, pc, laptops, Android, and more. Another suggestion for you is online, where you can download any YouTube Shorts in easy steps and one click.

Now, you can create Shorts to upload vertical videos and save them to your computer with the following instructions. First, you can record a Short from the YouTube app after signing in. Then, tap Create to create Short, and if you want it longer than 15 seconds, tap 15s in the upper-right corner to exceed that time. Next, hold Capture to record a clip and tap undo to remove the previously registered video clip. After that, tap Close to choose to Save as a draft, exit the camera, and tap Done” to enhance the video. Next, go Back to the record screen, or saving as draft means saving your edits. Then, tap Next” to add any detail you want to your video (title, maximum characters, setting, and privacy) and Select the audience to choose whether he is a kid. Finally, tap Upload Short to publish your short.

What about posting YouTube Shorts? Or How to post YouTube Shorts from pc :

There are two prerequisites to uploading YouTube Shorts from PC. The first is that the video must be vertical, and the second prerequisite must be under 60 seconds. For example, if the video is on your PC’s desktop, you click the button Create to upload the video. Then, drag and drop the video inside, and it starts uploading. Then, you give the video a title in the description and add # before Shorts. Then, you will have the normal YouTube video link https:/youtube/-hyZnOIR6nQ, and directly you will see the link to the video https:/ which shows that you are doing things correctly. Sometimes the computer doesn’t recognize the video as Shorts, and it appears as a regular video. So, separate it from regular videos and put it in the Shorts Section. You can upload a thumbnail from your camera. In the playlist, select Shorts, add to the Channel and then go to the Category and open Music. Now do checks for copyright issues. You can tag the video with others which is optional, and do the visibility if you want to make it public or private just for you. Also, you can schedule the date of the video (the time to show it), and after saving all the steps, your YouTube Shorts will appear on your home screen. Scroll down to your YouTube channel’s button to see all your shorts and the viewers. When your Shorts go viral, you can have millions of views and upload between one and three Shorts during the day.

Suppose you don’t have a phone or your phone doesn’t have a Shorts camera app.

Can you make YouTube Shorts on pc?

It is simple, quick, and easy to make YouTube Shorts on pc. Most people prefer to make all their videos on their computer because it has a live screen. So, you can do your Shorts on your pc; learn how viewers will find YouTube shorts and how to make better Short videos. First, shoot your Short video in a vertical format, and if you use your phone, hold it vertically. If you are using an old phone video you have already recorded and want to make it Short, make sure you rescale from horizontal to vertical video. Then, click the link in the description to learn how to rescale the video and change its length and width. Always ensure the content is not copyright protected and suitable for use on YouTube. In step two, edit your video and import your file into your video editing software using any video editor. Next, import your video on your timeline, and you can invite viewers to subscribe by adding a subscribe overlay. Next, you can add music to the video from YouTube’  s audio library. Then, click Export to add a title, choose a place to add it, and choose a suitable resolution. Now you are ready to optimize and upload your short video for YouTube. So, the platform to make your short videos is also available on a desktop. In brief, to upload a Short from a computer, sign in to YouTube studio to upload the videos.        

Can you create YouTube shorts on pc ?

You can make YouTube shorts on your computer without using the Shorts features on your phone and upload a short video even with video subscribers. So, you can create or film the video by using the camera on your pc to edit and use the proper dimensions. Also, you can optimize the video to find it in a YouTube search. First, you make your film by putting the camera vertically and fixing all dimensions. After recording, it is time to edit your video editor software. Then, file, create a new document to select the correct dimensions as 1080 width and 1920 length, and click the new Document to transfer the video from the SD card to the pc to rotate the video. After publishing and saving your video to your computer, it is ready to upload to YouTube. Go to File, Export and save as Test, select fastest in Encoding quality, and change the resolution from 1920 to 1080, which is a regular video. Afterward, go to 100% of the original and click Export to finish the process and check for your video.

Updates mean software that replaces older versions with new ones. So, pc updates YouTube shorts  are available to get the latest features and utilities you need. For example, you can add a new descriptive title for the video, but you can’t change its content. On the contrary, with the YouTube Video Import tool, you can edit and add filters and text to the original content. Your pc updates for YouTube shorts will help you in its design process to expand Shorts and to dive down into its settings and formats.

How to upload shorts on YouTube ?

You can upload many Shorts as you want on YouTube to promote your Channel but only extend up to three videos. But you have to make a daily schedule to upload your videos, and it is up to you to download one video during the day or more. So, you can upload Shorts on YouTube by uploading videos from your phone. YouTube Shorts are a new way to publish videos on YouTube. Whether you have zero subscribers or zero viewers, you can make your video shorts to show in different sections on YouTube. You can upload YouTube Shorts from the YouTube app or your pc. Go to and select your Channel to upload your video and select the file, give it a title, and do its descriptions. When YouTube recognizes a vertical video and includes its full format, it adds it in the background. So, uploading shorts is easy and straightforward on the YouTube app or platform because you don’t need money to pay or a complicated process. You can upload Shorts anytime and anywhere to show your viewers your experience with YouTube.

How to turn your comments on YouTube ?

You can turn your comments on YouTube with YouTube Studio and select Settings from the left menu. Then, you “select Community. Defaults” to select your default settings. After that, choose “Comments on your channel” and select Save. YouTube limits comments can’t exceed 10.000 characters. Going to YouTube Studio helps you to turn on comments on YouTube to the bottom of the left-hand side (settings) and then to Channel. Then, you will see Basic Info and Advanced Settings, where you must answer the question about whether the Channel if it is for kids or not. Press “no” not for kids because you can’t see or write comments if it is for kids and change it to “I want to review the setting for every video.” Making sure your video is either public or unlisted is necessary for making comments because you can’t add any Comments if the video is private. Then, going to defaults will show you options about allowing comments on your Channel. You can choose:

–   Allow all comments

–  Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review

–  Hold all comments for review

–  Disable comments.

If you want to delete comments on YouTube , you have to go to Comment History to click the video link, and next to the Comment in YouTube, you select more, edit, and then delete. To delete all your comments, press on the left side of your browser, “history,” where you can select comment history, read each comment alone, and click on the icon you need. You can delete each comment independently or go to the advanced setting on your YouTube account in the corner and select your YouTube channel to choose to delete comments.

How to upload a video to YouTube shorts ?

The first thing to upload a video is to be vertical, with particular dimensions and community guidelines. Then, just as creating Short, click on upload a video and select the video you want to upload as Shorts. If the video exceeds 60 seconds, you must cut it to less than the 60s. Then, you will see familiar options to adjust the music or add fun captions. After that, click next and upload the video and add # Shorts before uploading to be uploaded on YouTube Shorts.

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You can manage YouTube channel settings  in YouTube Studio. So, sign in to YouTube Studio, select Settings from the left menu, and then Channel. Finally, you set the channel settings and select Save. You can manage the audience and visibility, and more to keep your Channel optimized and running efficiently.

Finally, viewing your videos to the public is enthusiastic, but sometimes you face naughty or impolite comments about your Shorts. So, don’t worry and give up on uploading your short videos because you can manage everything in your setting to delete comments you don’t like or to keep your video private. So, YouTube is a platform that attracts users to surf its apps and get new experiences in life through its facilities and unique features that make it a big competitor for other apps.