AliExpress: How Safe Is It To Use?

Selling and buying products online is a growing business for people worldwide that make people feel confused about getting their products and which sellers they must deal with to get the selling. Online companies help customers get products from anywhere they want with fair costs, and AliExpress is one of the websites that people surf to find products they need and suits their budgets. AliExpress became more active during Covid-19. The lockdown obliged people to go toward online shopping to avoid the pandemic. AliExpress provides customers with various products and services, whose sellers do the transactions online safely and help you find the Trending Products to sell online. Also, his page is well-known and a leading source to start e-commerce sites. 

Investments in the growing online sales channel and IT technologies become future Leaders in Business. So, companies such as Walmart use IT to manage the purchase and distribution of merchandise. Online shopping came to change the traditional methods of selling and increased consumer reach. It flourished due to its application on mobile. With advanced technology, people looked after facilities in growing their business and their profits with fewer costs. So, companies started selling their goods and products online through e-commerce and confident sales. They think of is to provide facilities for consumers to draw their attention to buy the products. So, one of the destinations was AliExpress, which makes its customers comfortable and satisfied with their orders. Also, AliExpress doesn’t sell products directly to its customers but connects buyers and sellers. What makes it an effective site is the guarantee they give its customers when they get the wrong item and are late.  


There are many steps you can follow to find a suitable supplier: 

Step 1: You must know which products you need:

  • The kind of products you must sell or have
  • the amount of the products

Step 2: supplier research

Now, who is AliExpress? Where is its location? Is it safe to use? What about AliExpress’s location in the USA (887.47)?

To start with, AliExpress is a legitimate e-commerce marketplace. It is commercial online shopping launched in 2010; its owner is Alibaba Group. Its businesses occur in China, Singapore, and other locations. Even, AliExpress plays a role in encouraging small businesses and facilitates their work to sell to customers worldwide. 

AliExpress has websites in many languages as English, French, Turkish, Sweden, and more. There is no problem concerning sellers, whether they are individuals or companies. What distinguishes it from Amazon is not selling products directly to consumers but connecting Chinese businesses with buyers. Moreover, AliExpress is an app on Androids you can download to benefit from its sales and offers.

To buy from AliExpress USA, you must log into your account at www.aliexpress .com and add the items you want to your cart. Then, when you check for shipping and payment options, you must do the delivery and track the order.

The following are some items available on AliExpress:

  • shoes
  • accessories, beauty, and health products
  • clothing for all genders and jewelry
  • electronic devices, computers, telecommunications, and cellphones
  • furniture and gardening goods


How do you find USA products on AliExpress? First, search for the product you want on AliExpress. Then, select Ships from the box above the search result and pick the United States to go to the products from the USA with no shipping costs. Also, you can find the American flag sticker on the products to know that these are American products bearing “Made in the USA” to assure their origin.

American buyers prefer to get products made in America because of their design and quality. For this, 60% of Americans who use their products to support businesses indirectly pay a fair wage to their employees and provide safe working conditions. 

To have products from your area means less delivery time during disasters and pandemics; this gives an advantage to USA products. Contrary to the delay in shipping that occurred outside the United States due to the lockdown of the pandemic. The products shipped from Sanford, Maine, in a fast delivery straight line. 

Now, how can you download the AliExpress app?

You can download AliExpress easily to get images and videos for the products you need. Then, with a simple click, you can choose the downloaded ZIP. Also, you can work for both And and the ZIP files named after the product.


How do you get your products from AliExpress? Or how do you buy from AliExpress?

With a few steps, you can choose your products and get them:

  • Log into your account at
  • Check the items you want to buy
  • Add the items to your shopping cart
  • Select your shipping and payment options
  • you can get confirmation about the arrival of your items

Note that you can take time to choose and select items to put in your cart or to cancel some orders. You can do this before your final confirmation.

If you are working from your Laptop, follow these steps to buy from AliExpress:

Step 1: Open the web browser

Step 2: type in the address bar

Then, press enters on the keyboard to see coupons or discounts.  

Step 3: Sign up for AliExpress with the mouse on the “Account” option. Then, click the “Register” button.

Step 4: After you do the registration, a small window will pop out to create an account.

  • Choose your location
  • Add your email address and set your password
  • Or use your Gmail account

Step 5: Create an AliExpress account: You will receive a verification email from AliExpress with a verification code.

  • Check the email and enter the code
  • The “Verify Email” button
  • Going directly to the AliExpress homepage

How do you search for the products on the AliExpress platform? What about AliExpress (1000.00)?

In the first step, you are a buyer registered on AliExpress; you can press the Account option on the top menu to see your name. You will get the following

–         My orders: help you track your order

–         Message Center: helps you to send and receive messages from stores

–         Wish List: adding items you want

–         My Favorite stores: you can choose any shop at the AliExpress store

–         My Coupons: provides you with discounts and new offers

In the second step, you can see different subcategories, where you must go to the categories menu. So, with your mouse, you can go to female fashion, kitchen stuff, medical equipment, and more.

For example, in the selected category (female fashion), you can see thousands of products on dresses. First, you can choose your style and design for the dresses. Then, you can select the size, color, and length of the dresses.

You can do this through the Search Bar. 

To continue the above procedures, you can check how you add items to the cart. First, make sure of your chosen products. Then, look at the ratings and units sold information to investigate the seller’s reliability.

After that, click and choose the color, quantity, and number of pieces, and click on the shipping details option to choose the shipping method to help you to select your location and the time to get your order.

What about the location and payment methods in AliExpress?

Click the Place Order button and edit the shipping order. Then, click on the Confirm button and Set it as a Default.


AliExpress (800.00) is about selling brands such as 7 Inch Kinco Touch Panel HMI 800, which is a cheap motor controller. Its brand is Kemation for $239. For example, items out of stock, such as Kinco Touch Panel MT 4513, and items in stock as original New Kinco HMI. Another example is Rubber double-sided tooth timing belt DA8M-800/100 for $6.29, and you can buy this brand with free shipping and free return online. Moreover, the third brand from AliExpress is Htd5m Timing Belt Length 790 800 for $2.9, high-quality material with low noise and high torque.  

 AliExpress attracts customers with its brands, prices, and qualities. Region Free Super 800-IN-1 Pro uploaded on 16 June 2020. DIY 800-in-1 Super China Pro Remix Game card for 16-Bit Game Console Game cartridge support all USA/EUR/Japan. 

  • Kensai Jel 800 for washing laundry has free shipping, and you can get it at low prices but for a specific quantity. Also, store coupon offers limited products with discounts that suit everyone. 
  • APACER 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM module for $17.54, where you can enjoy its free shipping. 
  • Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscopes UNI-T costs $881.25, whose bandwidth is 50 MHz, and has two channels.
  • AliExpress sports and entertainment offers gifts for grandparents, such as an airbag for the hip airbag. 
  • Cheap Microphones for free shipping KFW WK-U8200 Professional UHF wireless microphone KTV Karaoki OK performance

How is it safe to use AliExpress? Is it a trustworthy site?

Even though there are some incidents that buyers faced when they got their products from AliExpress, it is not a scam or dishonest site. It is a legal e-commerce marketplace where you can shop for products safely. AliExpress is an online retailer owned by Alibaba which started as a business-to-business buying and selling portal. Sometimes, you buy products with low prices and buy them directly from manufacturers. Even if you buy cheap things, it doesn’t mean it is fake. China is well-known for its low prices on different kinds of items, which makes AliExpress an exception in selling. For example, some tricks occur in selling and buying where they sell you a small accessory instead of the real one at the same price.

What should you do to avoid scammers in AliExpress?

Buying online saves time and money because the process is simple and fast. AliExpress is there to do everything for you. Contrary to shopping in stores, you can only investigate the item after buying it online or ensure it has the features they described for you. Most Chinese products on AliExpress don’t exist in stores, so you have to choose them according to the descriptions written under the photos of the products.

 Displaying a product for another is a trick only to get benefits. Another example that shows the honesty of the AliExpress site and is not a fraud is the advertisement of a brick toy for $4.64. The brick toy has 541 pieces building set and makes a 10% discount on another ten pc (“bag of ten balls”) for $4.64, which differs from its actual cost of $56.93. On the other hand, some items as female dresses, vary in size and length, and the wrong order reaches the customer. It is easy with AliExpress to locate whether the product is counterfeit or legitimate.

The following is a buyer Protection Program that helps customers buy safely:

  • Approach the seller to check if he solves the problem
  • AliExpress assistance can handle the complaint and notify the buyer if not resolved
  • buyer can start a dispute procedure with AliExpress
  • AliExpress platform provides the customer with a refund

Does it take time for AliExpress to deliver? All products on the site have a specific duration of time (delivery time) which extends from 60 to 90 days during the pandemic. But it takes little time, and things can reach customers within two weeks. In case of a delay, they refund the chosen product. In the United States, the delivery time extends from 19 to 39 days depending on the shipping methods used. Airmail is the shipping method AliExpress uses to deliver its products, while the last mile is for local mail service.

Finally, online shopping occurs with one click while you sit in your place without any effort from buyers to move around in markets from one store to another. Using your phone will help you choose a suitable site to check the products. AliExpress is an online shopping site that provides facilities to its customers to benefit from its sales and discounts. Also, you can see millions of items from sellers sitting behind the screen with a click. So, buyers can replace products and check for more items later from their purchase to put them in their carts. All these things in your hand enhance the online shopping sector and increase its investments and profits. With AliExpress, you can browse websites with distinctive products and competitive prices. AliExpress deals with buyers worldwide with reliability. The website offers premium shipping options via FedEx, UPS, and DHL. What makes Ali Express a world wholesaler is the quick response for clients. Also, the site provides you with short videos about the items you choose. Moreover, this popular online store is safe, and if you want to make money, AliExpress is one of the options to get your products.