The Guide to build and sustain traffic

Over the past couple of years, a new trendy idea has become to the spotlight, and that idea has changed the world of knowledge and entertainment alike.  Blogging became very popular because it helps spread knowledge to the wide majority of internet users and provides them with all the information and facts they need in anything. You can find a blog written about anything and everything. People from all walks of life look up and read blogs for many different reasons. They might be looking up a medical condition they think they might have, or looking to see a full review for a product their planning to buy, or even just looking for an entertaining celebrity gossip blog! These blogs are the key to knowledge to the vast majority of internet users.

The word blog sounds very intimidating to a lot of people, especially those who have never written one before. They think they need to write a 30,000 word blog if they want people to read it, they think it requires strong skills in different things, they believe they don’t have those skills it takes to create a beautiful, easy to read, appropriately sized blog and they think it takes like seven hours or something, but all of that is only partially true.

To write a beautiful blog post, you need to know the language you are going to write it in very well. You need to have good knowledge of the language’s grammar, use common easy words so it would be easier for people who are not experts on the topic to read. You also need to know how to conduct research on the topic you are writing about. You don’t necessarily have to be a full-on expert at a topic to write about it, but you do however need to do your research on it as to avoid false information, especially in the case of sensitive topics and topics the require scientific proof.

You can write an article about almost anything if you’re passionate about writing. You can choose a topic, do your research, and write a nice well organized blog post about it and post it for your audience to enjoy. The more passion you put into your writing the better it comes out.

 With the rise of blogging and bloggers, a wide array of tools and applications meant to help make it easier and more accessible to everyone came out. These tools rang from things to help you correct grammatical mistakes, find synonyms for frequently used words as to avoid repetition, find good copyright free photos and images to use to make your blog more visually engaging, to tools that will help you change the layout of your blog, tools that help you conduct research and much more. These tools are essential to bloggers and blog writers, they are their key to writing good, high quality, interesting and engaging blogs.

And just like good blogs drive good traffic, bad blogs will drive away your traffic. If you write a blog and plagiarize other blogs and writers and don’t use a software that helps you correct grammatical mistakes and just post bad blogs, your current viewers will find them useless, boring or just plain bad and they will no longer read them. They will also refrain from sharing them with people like them who might be interested in the topic or subject your blog discusses.

The following contains the ultimate tips and tricks you need to make your blog posts stand out amongst the see of blogs and bloggers on the world wide web.

-Create a plan.

Creating an outline of how you are going to portion out your blog and how it is going to look and where certain information is going to go. It is extremely important whether you’re writing a blog or a paper for school or college, to start with a outline. You should never just sit down and start writing a blog because you just will not be able to finish it. Having an outline helps you keep your ideas organized. Organizing your ideas will in turn help you figure out what information you might be missing and what should stay and what should go.

A blog outline, like an essay outline, should always start with a catchy title. A good title is extremely important. I can’t stress enough how important a good title is to your blogs overall. The title is what people usually see first. A catchy interesting title will increase your chances of getting people to click and read your articles. There are so many different types of titles you can utilize to for your blog, but the type you choose should always corelate with your blog and the information presented in it. If you struggle with coming up with and writing good catchy and interesting titles, you can utilize one of the many tools present on the world wide web to help you. There are countless websites on the internet that help you generate good titles. Some of these sites are free and others require a monthly subscription, but either way they will be of great use for you.

After creating a good title, you need to create a good heading or introduction for your blog post. A heading or introduction is your second most important step. After your viewers click for your title, they need to find a strong and intriguing heading that’s get them hooked and on board with your blog. There are many types of introductions out there that you can use, but just like the title, whatever type you choose has to serve your blog well. If you are writing about a new disease or a shocking new study, you’re better off either starting with a shocking statement or statistic or staying a shocking fact about the topic rather than starting with a general vague explanation and then going into details about it. Yes, a general to specific type of introduction is easy and safe but sometimes it can be incredibly boring and uninspiring.

You have now finishing the title and heading, now you’ll need to start writing your actual blogging part. This part is where you state all the information you have about the topic and all the statistics or ideas you’ve gathered. This part is pretty self-explanatory, you state your main ideas and add as many supporting details as you need to explain yourself fully, but make sure that you’re using easy simple language so you’re blog can be useful to more and more people who don’t  have the knowledge it takes to read a hard to understand blog.

Lastly, end your blog with either a warning, an opinion or a summary. This will make it look more complete and much more put together and will show your audience that you put time and effort into your blogs and your work.

– Use SEO to rank on google.

 If you are not familiar with SEO or Search engine optimization (SEO) what are you waiting for? It is the most important thing for your blog. SEO is a tool used to help your website rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) like google for example. This process will ensure that your website receives more traffic and more readers, users or clients. It is usually used to help websites rank higher on the first page of Google results. This is where you’ll the most of the traffic that comes to your website. This will also help you find your target audience and reach them easier.

This process works by finding the most popular words that have been used to search most frequently. These words can then be used in blogs to trigger adds or help you rank on the google page. When someone looks up the same keywords you use in your blogs, your blogs will easily rank higher, and that is exactly what you want. If you utilize this tool frequently, your blog becomes more and more popular and not only does it become easier for your to make it to the first page, but it also brings in permanent readers that might find your blog interesting and might subscribe to your newsletter and read all of your new blogs.

But, there’s one problem with this technique and that is the competition. SEO keyword competition is real! You’ll find the same keywords used over and over by so many websites trying to rank, which creates competition and makes it very hard for your blog to rank higher unless you put a lot more work into it. SEO keyword search can be hard because of that but using a good SEO tool is key to combating that.

– Use Tools to check for spelling or grammar mistakes

This is also an incredibly important step to take. When you write, you don’t really notice the mistakes you make, and when you’re engulfed in your writing, you don’t always realize the grammatical errors you might be making. Bad grammar and bad spelling are not a sign of a good blog. If your blogs constantly have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, it takes away from your credibility! People don’t trust you if you’re claiming to be a professional at something but your work doesn’t really show that. For this reason, using a tool or a software that specializes in helping you correct these mistakes and better your grammar is very important.

It is necessary to have these tools not only because they help you correct mistakes but also because they can help you create better blogs. These tools typically have options that help you fix sentence structure, find synonyms to avoid repetition, and change up your paragraph layouts to help it make more sense and appear more professional.

You can find a lot of these services, tools or software all over the internet. But the most popular one by far is Grammarly. Grammarly word check helps you create better sentences, gives you synonym option to help you avoid repetition in your writing and helps correct your sentences grammatically and also help out with spelling mistakes.

– Utilize Google ads to help you make money.

Did you know that you can make money off your website? Some website owners generate crazy incomes every month from their websites. This is money typically comes from ads placed on your site by a brand or a company. These ads typically relate to whatever your blog post is talking about, this means that the viewers who are interested in this topic will click your blog to read, and might make a purchase using the ad link on your website. This means the more people that click and purchase the products, the more commission money your site will make.

You can also use the google ads service to get your website out there and reach more audiences and potential readers or clients. This is a paid service so you would have to pay out of pocket to get your ad on the google page, or maybe on YouTube. It is worth it however, because it will bring more traffic to your blog and get you more readers and potential clients who would like to set up an ad on your blog.

It is not hard to set up and create a google AdSense ad. If you want to use google ads to get your blog out there, you’re going to need to create a google ads account and a good google ads campaign. Google ads account setup is very easy. It’s a quick process that doesn’t require skills or specialized software.

If you don’t know how to create a google ads account, or you are finding it hard to follow the on screen instructions or just don’t  understand where to start, click here to go our blog post about creating a google ads ad campaign and running it. It is an in-depth explanation of the process that will make it easier for you to set up your very own google ads campaign.

-Choose Good pictures

Choosing good pictures that describe what you want people to understand is a vital step towards success in the blogging world. It is very important to keep your audience visually engaged when reading as to avoid boredom which can make them click out of the blog and stop reading it especially if it’s a long  scientific or educational blog. Using pictures to induce shock factor in your readers is also a good idea. If you are talking about a disease or natural disaster, using pictures the show these things and what they can do to humans will help you get the message across much easier.

Using good quality non- blurry pictures that are also copyright free is vital. There are many free and pre paid applications, software and websites that offer good quality free for use pictures that can help bring an element of humanity to your blogs and keep your audience intrigued and visually stimulated.



Starting your own blog and maintaining good traffic is hard. It is no lie that this process takes time a real effort from you. If you truly wish to succeed in this world, you need to have the drive it takes to write a 2000 word blog almost every day. This process doesn’t require that much skill or a special education, all you need is the passion, a couple of online tools and a little bit of writing potential. Creating good blog posts takes time and effort if you want them to pay off.