3 digital marketing tools to make your company stand out

Online businesses and transactions are more popular now than ever before. More people are starting their own businesses and more already established companies are utilizing digital marketing to promote their products, brands or services.

Big companies and small new companies now do more business and make better deals in the virtual world than they do in the real world. This is because of the wide reach of the online world which means they are capable of reaching more people than ever before, increasing their sales and making their brands and services more popular.

Using the countless different free digital marketing tools that are now available at a click of a button, many businesses can reach their intended audiences with ease and can also promote their services and products to a wider variety of different and new potential clients and consumers.

Companies who choose to use digital marking tools to promote their services and products statistically do better and make more money in revenue than companies who solely relay on word-of-mouth promotion.

If you’re starting a new business or have already started your business and are looking for the best tools to use to promote your online business, here are the 3 best digital marketing tools that will insure you get as much traffic as possible to your business.

Google Screened local ads:


Using google ads, you can ensure that your products and/or services reach the audience you intend for it to reach.

Google ads work by promoting products and services on the huge google platform which sees an unbelievable level of traffic every single minute. This will guarantee that your ad is seen by the right audience and will maximize your chances of getting more traffic and more clients who intend to buy from you or use your services.

Google is a very trusted platform, meaning people who see your ads plastered on google are more likely to click on it even if it’s just out of curiosity. This curiosity will often lead to these people becoming clients or even long-term purchasers and customers of yours.

Often times, people will go to google to look up a topic or search for a specific product, these search results always involve specialized google ads that are strategically put there in order to get clients and traffic to a specific site or brand.

The process of creating a google ad is not a hard one. It’s so easy, almost every one with a computer can create a google ad. It is very easy yet very effective.

Google ads are guaranteed to reach huge numbers of potential clients along with reaching the intended demographic.

To start creating google ads, you need to first create a google AdSense account, and use that account to create special ads to fit your products and services.

Choosing what type of ad, you need for your own special products or services is also extremely important in order for you to reach your intended demographic and possibly some new clients.

Google ads are not free. Creating a google AdSense account is free, but promoting your products and services is not.

Google AdSense works on the principles of CPC of cost per click, which means that promoters will have to pay every time a costumer clicks the ad that takes them to the costumer’s web page of when they make a call to the business.

Using Canva to Design logos:

Using the app Canva to easily design professional logos, Virtual business and thank you cards, pictures to make your web page appear livelier is a very smart idea.

This application/site offers you the chance to bring out your creative side and design your very own logos exactly how you want them to be. Often, we can get confused and frustrated if we are unable to find a logo designer that understand our exact vision and executes it exactly how we want, but if you opt for Canva, you’d have the freedom and creative liberty to create exactly what you want to see

Canva is a paid design application that helps you design logos and anything else you need for your business, on the go. You can use Canva anywhere and anytime you need, you can even download it on your phone and use it to design stuff on the go.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a graphic designer to design you one logo, you can easily and quickly design multiple logos for multiple seasons of the year, holidays and other occasions, at a fraction of the price and in no time.

Canva app development is done in such a way that will ensure that you get the maximum bank for your buck.

This would be especially helpful for a newly started business that needs all the funds it can get.

SEMrush and SEO:


SEMrush is an SEO tool that allows you to find out what your priority keywords are and will also help you explore and find new terms to use and rank for. It is extremely helpful for finding new ideas and topics to talk about on your blogs which will also help you rank Higher on the search results, bringing more traffic to your website

SEMrush breaks everything down for you to ensure that you as a new user understand what to do. It helps you understand what keywords will bring you more traffic and what keywords are best for you while also giving you an insight on whether these keywords are popular search topics or not.

It’s broken down into the following:

 -Keyword ideas and variations. It will give you keywords to use to rank higher on the search results and will give you ides to write about.

– difficulty. It offers you an insight on how difficult it is for a certain word to rank or get you traffic and sponsors on the web.

CPC (cost per click). It will give you an idea of how much money you can possibly make if you use this specific keyword, which in turn triggers an ad to pop on your site, generating revenue.

This tool will ensure that you rank in search results which will being more traffic to your web page which means no potential clients will see your site and might even scroll through to find something they enjoy and might possibly buy it and become a costumer.

It has a monthly subscription which allows you access to countless tools that will help you greatly on your business promotion journey.