The 6 best programming languages to learn

It is no secret that software programming is currently the hottest career on the market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 21 percent growth for programming jobs from 2023 to 2028, which is over four times the average growth percentile of all other occupations. It is also a very popular career choice because a software programmer makes an annual median pay of about $106,000, which is almost three times as much as the annual wage for all other U.S. workers.


Not all programming jobs are the same, however. Depending on the roles you have, the company you work for, and they type of software you are going to program, this job requires knowing and understanding a couple of different programming languages. It is also often beneficial to know multiple programming languages at the same time. Trying to break into the world of software programming can be a hard daunting and time-consuming experience, especially for professionals who have no prior programming experience and for newly graduate students who haven’t had the chance to get the experience they need to score high paying jobs in this field.


The Master of Science in Computer Science Align (MSCSA) given at the Northeastern University in Seattle is specifically designed for those students who want to transition from another field of study into computer science.

This program aims to help transform students from all kinds of different backgrounds into specialized well educated and well-equipped Software programmers and engineers. Students who take this program can expect to come out ready and equipped with all it takes to make it and succeed in the field of software programming and engineering. The program focuses mostly on math, programming, and a wide range of concepts relating to both computer science and software engineering.

Whether you’re new to the programming field and you still don’t know much or you are just not equipped with the all the necessary knowledge or you’re just someone who’s looking to brush up on their already existing skills since programming languages are ever changing and progressing, it helps to know which programming languages are currently in high demand. It is good to know even if you are not going to use them any time soon, keeping them in the back of your mind or being able to say on your resume that you know several programming languages and that you can utilize them to do your job better is great.

The following is a list of the 10 of the most popular and best programming languages of know or learn in 2023. This list is based on the numbers of job postings listed on several job search sites, the average annual Wage for those listed jobs, and other equally important factors such as the language’s ease of use and its potential for growth.



Python skills are in very high demands, all thanks to the language being super easy to use, easy to learn as s result of its very simple syntax, and how easy it is to integrate it with other equally popular programming languages like C and C++. This language is taught in the Align program as well. It is in fact the first one they learn. It is not only easy to learn and use but it is also very easy to build on and grow.

Python is probably the best programming language for startups because it is extremely simple and can learnt very quickly. It doesn’t require that much effort and it is easy to integrate with other languages later as you build up your startups. This makes it beginner friendly

Python programming language is commonly used in a very wide variety of applications, including but not limited to artificial intelligence programming, financial services programming such as remote payment apps, and other data sciences. Your favorite and the most popular social sites currently out on the market like Instagram and like Pinterest have also utilized Python in their build.

Python doesn’t have that many drawbacks. In fact, it only has one. It is not suitable programming language for programming mobile applications and for their development.


Python is an extremely popular and in demand programming language. This programming language is under such high demands that there are over 19,000 job openings on the market currently. This means that with the very high demand, a lot of employers are willing to take in newly graduate students even if they don’t have any experience but the have a knowledge of this programming language. And because it is a very easy programming language, you can still learn it even after graduation. These jobs are also extremely high paying jobs. Professionals with knowledge of Python Programming Language and with a little bit of experience (or depending on the employer’s preference) can expect to earn up to $120,000 yearly salary. This salary is one of the highest ones on the market. Higher than any other job in other fields and categories.




JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language used for building interactive and engaging websites. If you combine it with Node.js, you as a programmer can use It to produce your web content on the server directly before the page is sent to the actual browser, which can then be used to build games and applications for communication ran directly in the actual browser. You can also use a huge range of different of add-ons used to extend the functionality and usefulness of JavaScript as well.

Virtually everyone and their mother is using JavaScript programming language. It is a very popular all be a bit more difficult programming language to learn. If you plan on becoming a mobile app developer, you absolutely need to master the JavaScript programming language.


JavaScript is mostly used in websites and mobile phone app development. It is the main language used in this field and it is in high demand currently as more and more brands are coming out and creating a mobile app dedicated solely for their brand to make it easier for their customers to access their products or services. Combining it with Node.js, which allows it to develop several browser-based applications, which are applications that do not require users to download them, makes for a great language to know.


However, like anything in life, this programming language has its own drawbacks too. If you use JavaScript to program your application or web-based application, you need to know that Internet browsers can in fact disable JavaScript code from running, since JavaScript is the programming language used to code pop-up ads. Sometimes these ads can contain malicious or bugged content.


JavaScript experts are in very high demand currently. There are over 24,000 job openings on the JavaScript Market ready to be filled. These jobs are extremely high paying too, with an average annual salary of about $118,000.

3- C



Just like Python and Java, C helps form a great foundation for the process of learning how to program. Since C programming language is one of the first programming languages ever developed, it has served as the foundation for the creation and the writing of other more modern programming language PHP, Python and Ruby. It is also one of the easiest languages to test, debug, and maintain.


C is taught as a stable course in almost every computer science program around the world. It is credited with being the original foundation for many new and upcoming programming languages being created at the moment.


And because it is old, C programming language is not the best one to use in more modern jobs like website creation and programming and modern mobile applications. It is also one of the hardest programming languages out there since it has very hard syntax in comparison to other more new and modern programming languages.


Because it is so old, it was made to last and to adapt and run smoothly on any device. That’s why C programming language is used more often in the programming of hardware. Things like embedded devices put in automobiles and devices used in healthcare and medicine, are typically programmed using C programming language.


The C programming world is a bit more competitive than other fields of programming, it only has about 8,000 job openings on the market currently. And like anything else in this field, it also pays pretty well, with a C programmer making an annual salary of about $97,000.

4- PHP

PHP programming language is a general-purpose programming language directed mainly towards web development. It is a widely used language, mainly used for server-side kind of web development, which is used when websites keep frequently requesting information from the server. It is an older language, but that is not something to worry about. Because of how old PHP programming language is, over the years, it has collected a huge number of avid users that have created a very large ecosystem together and have simultaneously produced special framework, their own libraries and specialized automated tools that have made the language much easier to learn and use.


PHP is a great programming language, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have drawbacks. It is not a very secure programming language. It is known for its obvious security vulnerability which is the reason why a lot of PHP programmers usually lose their job position within a year or less.

PHP is mostly used in content-oriented websites. Websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress use PHP in their programming.


Because it’s not a secure language, PHP programming positions are not that many. There are only about 7,000 job openings on the market at the moment. PHP programmers can expect to make an annual salary of about $81,000 if they keep their jobs.

5- Swift




Swift the programming language developed by apple to be used in the development of their applications that are meant for their mobile devices and their Mac computers and almost all of their products like the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.


And just like a lot of the many new and modern programming languages, it has a highly readable and very simple syntax, it also is able to run codes quickly and can possibly be used for both the client-side and the server-side development.


Although Swift is associated with apple and it is very new and fresh, it still has its negatives. It can only be used on apple’s newer versions of iOS 7 and will not really work with any older applications. And because it is a newer programming language, it’s code can sometimes be unstable, and there are way fewer third-party resources that are available to the programmers.


There are very few job openings in Swift Language Programming because it’s still new, but we believe as Apple grows, the job market and the demand for this programming language and its experts will grow. But as for now, there are only about 1,800 job openings on the market for Swift Programmers.

Although it’s not that in demand, it still pays a hefty amount. A Swift programmer can expect to make at least $93,000 a year.




Go programming language otherwise referred to as Golang, was created by Google to be a reliable, secure and efficient language for programming on system level. It works greatly for distributed systems, which are systems that are located on different networks and absolutely need to communicate all by sending messages to one another. And, although It is a relatively new language, it already has a large standards library and documentation.


 Go programming language has not gained popularity or use anywhere but in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, it does not include any library for any graphical user interfaces, and they are the most common ways that end-users make contact with any device that has a screen.


 Go is used mainly for applications that need to process a large amount of data. In addition to Google, there are a couple of companies that use Go for specific applications. These companies include Twitch, Uber and Netflix.


Just like apple’s Swift, Go is not yet popular enough to attract professionals that specialize in it. There aren’t many job openings in Go programming at the moment, with the numbers being as low as 1,700 job openings. It still pays a lot though, which an average salary of about $93,000 a year.