MongoDB : Is it well secured?

A database is an organized collection of documents stored electronically. Databases make work easier by storing data on the file system or cloud storage.

MongoDB is a flexible document database that enables you to store unstructured data with network encryption. So, is it safe to use MongoDB? Is it well secured?


Database admins did a few things for security on their MongoDB configurations leaving server images opened due to the failure of security protocol. MongoDB databases were exposed to havoc in 2016 that affected the company’s reputation. In 2018, MongoDB came up with new solutions to prevent the hacking from happening again.


What is MongoDB composed of?

MongoDB databases are composed of core processes, windows services, security tools, MongoDB compass, and database tools. 

  • Core processes in the MongoDB database are the controller, router, and interactive shell.
  • Windows services help to describe options available for configuring MongoDB when running. 
  • Security tools of MongoDB provide a method of a validating system for testing authenticating process.
  •  MongoDB compass database is a tool for analyzing data while you can keep working for documentation on previous versions of these tools. 


What are the best practices for MongoDB?
  • Create Separate Security Credentials
  • Use Role- Based Access control
  • Limit connection to database
  • Encrypt your data
  • Add extra encryption to sensitive data

The MongoDB service starts after installing it, and you may stop it manually. MongoDB restart service is to stop MongoDB service after extracting installation files from the MongoDB .tar file. Then, enter the name of MongoDB and press the Enter Key. If you want to stop the MongoDB service, you must press number 1 or press number 2 to restart. 

MongoDB Atlas Terraform is a managed cloud database that handles the complexity of deploying. HashiCorp Terraform MongoDB improves your data infrastructure deployment by managing, controlling, and giving credentials for authentication.

MongoDB Atlas Terraform (Source: MongoDB)


MongoDB Atlas Python

It is a programming language which can install on your device. Steps to follow to use Mongodb atlas with python:

  • Click connect
  • Choose a connection method
  • Connect your application
  • Select your python and the version of the driver
  • Copy and then configure the provided connection string

MongoDB Atlas allows VPC peering (virtual peering cloud) in your account. MongoDB Atlas vpc peering is easy to use and security improvement. For example, you can connect your application servers to MongoDB Atlas even if you are isolated from public networks. Then, expand your application tier without managing a firewall for your database rules, and on your account, you can peer with many VPCs. 

How can you create a Mongodb Atlas account?
    1. Register for Mongodb Atlas account
    2. Deploy clusters
    3. Navigate “security” tabs and “peering” section
    4. Add new peering connection to include information about your existing VPC
    5. Create VPC
    6. Record the VPC ID for use in the peering form
    7. Fill in peering request form
    8. Wait for approval
    9. Choose “Accept Request”
    10. Mongodb Atlas will display the peering connection as available
    11. Click connect to follow
    12. Remove the block from IP address and go to security group from your peered VPC
Is MongoDB cloud based?

MongoDB is a platform that includes a global cloud database that runs on a cloud computing environment where you can host database services. Due to the flexibility of the document database, you can manage service on your preferred cloud.


You can install and run MongoDB on any cloud provider. Using MongoDB Atlas gives your database safety. It became well-known for developing scalable applications with evolving data schemes. MongoDB uses a JSON-like format to store documents. Due to its easy way of storing structured and unstructured data, companies and development teams use MongoDB.