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Dell XPS 15 : Features and Security

Before we dive into the features of Dell XPS 15, let’s talk a little bit about Dell. The mother company.

One of the most important multinational companies in the field of inventing, selling, and repairing computers is Dell. It was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 and he is its owner now. Experts in computers and innovative devices consider that what makes Dell a famous competitor and distinguishes its products is the “direct model” strategy that it follows, where it sells to the customer directly, not through distributors. This makes the inventions tailored according to the user’s needs and modified according to their opinions. What about security? Dell Corporation provides devices with high security due to the software they use during the invention process and due to the industry-leading endpoint security systems.

Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 touch screen has many important features. Besides the fact of being slim where it can be inserted in the bag which facilitates its transportation during travels, it has many important features, like a touchpad and keyboard where the user can choose which one he wants, in addition to webcams that give good resolution which make it suitable for online meetings. Going deeper into its performance, Dell XPS 15 touch screen processes all inputs without slowing down or freezing which is an important advantage that it offers especially nowadays when our laptops are needed every day for every task.

When saying XPS, this means a laptop with an extreme performance system. The necessity of this feature is that it offers original technologies and high brightness screen to watch movies, play games, work, or study.

As we said previously, all Dell devices are secure. The dell XPS 15 touch screen comes preloaded with McAfee Antivirus with a 30-day free trial. Why? To prevent the entry of any malware or unwanted program and clean any virus that might affect the performance of the device. Also, it has a built-in lid sensor and a secure log-in (face detection and fingerprint reader) that helps in a rapid and safe log-in which makes it difficult for a stranger to open your PCS and get access to your data.

Many external devices can be linked to the XPS15 PC (USB, external keyboard, printer, earphones, thunderbolt dock, and others…)

The dell thunderbolt dock is a small device that permits the connection of a single cable to a thunderbolt port and then provides a variety of port types to your PC like an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, various USB types, and an audio jack. No driver is needed for its work. It is easy to use, provides well-organized work, and allows many actions to be done together. The most important fact is that it is used safely with no risk of hacking.

Dell XPS 15

Is a screenshot on dell laptop possible?

While working on our laptops, we might see beautiful pictures or important information that we might need later on.  So, how to save them with a simple click? These are known as screenshots or snapshots. How to do this? By pressing the Windows Key together with the PrintScreen Key. Screenshot on dell laptop can be done in two ways: either by searching in the screenshot folder present in the picture folder or by pasting the captured image in a word document to edit it. In both ways, the screenshot can be sent by email or shared. Doing screenshots is a safe process where no risk to get hacked. The only risk that is present here is the fact that anyone can screenshot anything on your screen and send it to his laptop easily. This problem can be simply solved by using the biometrics methods of log-in.

However, many times when trying to do screenshots, we encounter a popular sentence: “can’t take screenshots due to security policy.” In these cases, the website by itself did restrictions to prevent people to steal their data because they don’t want to share their information.

Dell Screenshot
What can you do when a dell laptop won’t turn on?

There are many reasons for the laptop to not turn on, where it might be either a hardware problem (Battery or power supply, damaged internal hardware…) or a software issue (virus or malware, corrupted windows files… ). What to do if your dell laptop won’t turn on?

First, check the power supply: If all lights remain turned off when you press the power button despite it being plugged into the wall, it’s likely that the power supply needs to be replaced. However, if a button lights, so it is mostly a battery problem.

Second, remove any external device linked to the laptop (USB, printer…).

Third, go for the power cycle method: three conditions are needed before starting: computer off, unplugged, and all external devices removed. So all you have to do is to hold the power button for 15-20 seconds and put the PC back on charge. Another way is to run the Dell PC diagnostic tool (by pressing the F12 button until a logo appears on the screen), this is a built-in tool that can identify problems: it may not fix the problem, but gives an error code that guides you and help to fix the issue.

 Finally, Dell customer support is always present to help the customers with any problem they may face. It is important to note that backup is very important in order to anticipate any problem that might encounter your device. Dell backup and recovery is an application designated to protect digital documents on your devices, where all the data can be recovered if lost. Also, it is important to have another copy of your critical data on another device to make sure that it will not be lost easily.

Dell partner portal
Dell partner portal

Dell partner portal is a software that gives a third party (like vendors, distributors, partners…) the opportunity to collaborate with the company where they gain access to main information in the business, and they give their ideas regarding the development of new devices or services that meet client’s needs. This software gives benefits to the company itself by facilitating the brainstorming process and by communicating with people who are in direct contact with the customers and know their needs, which will help them in their future inventions. Also, it gives benefits to the third party who has an entrepreneurial spirit by being a part of this huge company, gaining good profits, and developing important communication and selling skills. Dell partner portal is accompanied by specific security protocols to prevent and detect data illegal use. The partners have many requirements that should be applied like being a trustful vendor for the clients as he is seen as an image for the company and signing a consent that regulates his work (all data should be used for innovation, avoid stealing any data, sanctions if data were used unethically….)


Dell is an important company that is growing day by day, especially with the help of partners that shorten the distance between the firm and the customers. However, we should never forget that even if the device has a good quality, the risk of damage due to any accident is still present, so protecting the sensitive data is very important, for this reason, backup methods should be done routinely and trustful Antiviruses should be installed and kept updated.