Dell’s Alienware: The best gaming pcs

Dell is one of the world’s leaders in the field of technology. This technology giant company produces hardware and software. Their laptops are some of the best and most sought after in the industry.

They are known for their insurance and their high quality! Their software is some of the best out there and so is their hardware. One of the most popular products is their Alienware gaming ps. It’s sleek fashionable design and its high endurance performance and reliability they are extremely popular in the gaming world.

It has been around ever since gaming pcs became a thing and had lived through all technological changes and stood the test of time. That’s why they are favored more in the gaming community and are the number one choice for many games trying to build they gaming pc.


What is Dell Alienware?

In 2006, Dell bought out Alienware. Alienware then became their subsidiary, but still had control over their design and their marketing. Their laptops are known for being high-end and great for gaming. Although their products are NOT cheap, they are well worth the price tag.

Their laptops are built for endurance and reliability and are equipped with some of the best hardware and software out there.

They are meant for long hours of gaming, and are equipped to handle that. They are also made to have the best FPS rate, to make your gaming experience all that much better and that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

It’s the go to brand for avid gamers trying to start playing professionally.

Many avid gamers swear by Alienware’s durability and sustainability. Their products are extremely well loved in the gaming world. Yes, their price tag might stop you from purchasing one for yourself, but we promise you won’t regret the money spent!

They might be expensive for some, but they are extremely worth it. They offer so much more than other brands at the same price.

They industry leaders especially since they’ve been around the longest and have been through all the changes that took place in the world of technology, and have witnessed and learned from them to create some of the most powerful gaming pc sets out there.

What is Dell’s Alienware best gaming pcs?

1-Alienware Aurora R13:

It is the latest addition to the Alienware family and debatably the best out there. It has a fresh new look and ability to support PCI E 5.0 bandwidth. Another great addition the Aurora R13 has, is its C through window panel which allows you to see the AIO cooler and lighting. this addition allows you to see the machines at work and to change out parts whenever needed. this step plays a huge role in the longevity of your computer.

This new, one-of-a-kind, gaming pc, is, in our opinion, the absolute best on the marketing. It just offers things that its competitors don’t. It offers one-of-a-kind experience and its see-through panel just makes it all the more desirable for people who like to know what’s going on inside their pc at all times. It allows you to keep an eye on things and catch problems before the get worse.

This means you won’t have to waste your money on regular checkups that can be done at home with just a flash light!

2-Aliemware Aurora R10:

It is known as an entry-level product. It is far from cheap; it comes at the price of $1400/pc. And although they are more affordable than their counterparts, they still have the signature high quality associated with the brand. They are equipped with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. It also has pretty great frame rates. It has a full HD performance that can go up to 100 fbs.

 This extremely high resolution means you can play almost any game on this pc and still enjoy it like it’s intended!

Although it’s an entry-level dell product, it’s meant to show you what Alienware is capable of even at a lower price than its other products. It’s by no means cheap, but you still get a sweet deal for all the benefits that come with it!

3-Alienware Aurora R12:

It is the go-to for People looking to build their own gaming PC. This way you can ensure that your gaming PC has the same of the latest gear inside it.

  it is one of the best gaming pieces out there it has an incredible amount of storage to offer. And a crazy good storage is absolutely needed for a gaming pc. It’s vital for some people when choosing their pc, for it to have a good amount of internal storage especially since deleting some games is not an option for professional gamers.

 It is one of the best gaming pcs out there.  Although it is not cheap. it’s well worth the price!

It’s the cheapest on our list but id still far from affordable for the average person.

It is expensive but you have to remember, it’s kind of like a life time purchase. You make a one-time purchase and with good care and love, you can be sure that it’ll last you a very very long time!

Dell Alienware are the most famous gaming pcs out there. They are the best on the market and are the go-to for many professional gamers. They have existed ever since the gaming pc became a thing and have pretty much remained at the top the entire time. Their ability to endure long hours of gaming while still maintaining the high resolution and quality and the numbers of FPS, is one of the many reasons why it’s so well loved in the gaming community.

Alienware is considered a leader in this industry and it’s here to stay.