System iO: what is it?

Systems IO is a company that specializes in low-code software development for insurance companies using the OutSystems platform. And although there are loads of other companies that offer special software for the insurance market, systems IO is the only one that specializes solely in OutSystems development. They believe that giving OutSystems a chance will change the world of development. Using low-code software, they intend on singlehandedly changing the tech world forever.

What is OutSystemzs?

OutSystems is a low-code platform that gives companies the Tools needed to develop and deliver high performing apps for their businesses, in a significantly shorter period of time than any other platform.

The platform is designed completely from the ground up to make it easier for developers to develop attention grabbing applications that evolve at the pace the company/ business needs.

Their biggest advantage over other platforms is the fact that because they use Low-code, they’re able to help you create your product much faster than their competitors. Saving you tons of money and time.


What is low-code?

Low code is a software programming approach that uses easy rather than hard programming language as to make it easier for business and tech developers to develop and launch their own programs using ready made UI elements, boilerplate code, workflow management tools and more. This is due to the number of consumer-friendly characteristics and tools that allow you to create business grade apps from the ground up. Low code platforms like OutSystems employ these features while combining them with more advanced tools to make it easy and accessible for every one.

What does system iO offer?

Systems IO offers low code-based software made specifically for insurance companies. This will ensure that this specific service is made for the specific purpose of running an insurance company. Most insurance companies nowadays have their own apps that are designed specifically for them to make it easy for their customers to access their services.

They offer services like:

  • Proof of Engagement: According to their website they offer proof of value engagement. They promise customers functional prototypes created within a day or a week of their applications to show what they can do with outsystems. This means that you as a client can expect to try out their services to make sure that it is what you want and it works for your business.

According to their website, they take this approach to show people that up that outsystems is capable of delivering up to speed business grade software.

2-Acceleration of Outsystems:

If you already have your OutSystems platform, systems IO will help you get started with it fast. One of their architects will help the clients team build, develop and design the applications needed using their own data while simultaneously offering them to help them create more or fix problems that might occur in the future. The assigned architect will keep helping until the client’s team is able to perform on their own.

  • Application Production:

Systems IO infrastructure engineers, developers, architects, and tech leads will build you a full solution whether you are looking for a traditional or reactive application, phone app, and much more.

We believe, Systems iO, is revolutionizing the coding and development industry. Using low-code to create apps has never been popular, and by using it, they are setting themselves apart from their competitors while offering a great service to their clients. This service might not be popular now, but we believe it will be in the near future